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Racing Class Allocation

Within all classes every effort has been made to ensure that cars of similar performance are grouped together.

Cars are allocated to a racing class based on their perceived average performance. Should it become evident that the existing class allocation for a particular model may be inappropriate the senior members can agree to a reclassification for that car.

New release cars will not be eligible to race as they become available until the model's performance has been ascertained. Class allocation will be on the basis of performance.

New release cars may not race at the same meeting at which they are classified.

Racing Classes

There are 18 racing classes divided into three groups of six and although we do not officially have workshopping in the calendar there is always time and opportunity to discuss R & D, tuning and just messing around on race nights.


Group A Group B Group C
Classic F1 G.P. Hero's Classic NASCAR
Classic Le Mans Slot.it Group C V8/Utes
Modern Le Mans Classic Rally Group 5 Thunder Cars
Classic Sports Classic Touring Cars Ninco Classic Tourers
Scalex Super Tourers Scalextric BTCC N.Y. Modifieds
Group A Super Tourers FJs Home Built