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G.P. Hero's
Classic Rally
2 Litre Touring Car Challenge
'55 Holden FJ Humpy

Group B

G.P. Hero's

Open to all manufacturers of Front engined F1 and Indycars including resin bodied cars, NC-1 equivelant motor.

Some examples of eligible models:
Lancia-Ferrari D50, Bugatti T251, Gordini T32, Lotus 16, Ferrari F555, 56 and 58 Vanwall, Aston Marin DBR4, Talbot Lago, Alfa Romeo 'Alfetta', Watson-Offenhauser and Maserati 8CTF etc.

Slot.it Group C

Orange end bell motor (21,500 rpm) only. Motors and pods (flat 6) in later release cars can be substituted (downgraded) to comply, e.g. Lancia LC2/85.

Some examples of eligible models:
Open to any Slot.It Group C cars including: Jaguar XJR-9, Jaguar XJR-12, Mazda 787-B, Lancia LC2, Porsche 956 (all variants), Porsche 962, Sauber C9, etc.

Classic Rally

Open to all manufacturers of pre ’90 2WD rally cars. Rear axle drive cars only are permitted. Models that fit the correct era but are 4WD can have the front axle drive disconnected to be eligibal for this class.

Some examples of eligible models:
Citroen 2CV, Porsche 911 (with navigator), Renault 5/Alpine, Mini Cooper, Fiat 124, Alfetta GTV, Simca 1000, Lancia Delta/Stratos/037, Peugeot 205, Audi Quattro A1, Ford Escort, BMW M1 and M3 (with navigator).

Classic Touring Cars

Open to any slot cars from any approved manufacturers of ‘series production’ based vehicle produced from 1963 to 1979 that complies with FIA Group 1 or 2 regulations.

Some examples of eligible models:
Mini (original shape), Falcon, Escort MKI/MKII, Capri, Cortina, Charger, Torana, Camaro, Mustang, Torino, Abarth 600 and 850, Renault R8, Fiat 131, Citroen DS21, Plymouth Barracuda, Alfa GTV, GTA, BMW CSL, Pontiac GTO, Chevelle, Firebird, NSU, Trabant and Mercedes 300SE.

Scalextric British Touring Car Championship (BTCC)

Open to any modern Scalextric BTCC car.

Some examples of eligible models:
MG6, Honda Civic Type R, BMW 125 etc.


Open to home built models on either a scratch built, plastic adjustable or kit bashed (as it were from another model) chassis (no metal chassis). Scalextric or equivilent running gear, in-line 18k mabuchi motor, 27/9 gear ratio and open guide blade. With a Holden FJ lexan body.

The eligible model:
'55/56 Humpy FJ.