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Classic NASCAR
Ninco Classic Tourers
Muscle Cars Masters
Scaleauto Group 5

Group C

Classic NASCAR

Open to Carrera, Monogram-Revell or Scalextric NASCARs from the mid 50's to the mid 70's.

Some examples of eligible models:
Dodge Charger, Plymouth Super-bird, Plymouth, Ford Fairlane and Ford Galaxy etc.

V8 Super Cars

Open to all Scalextric V8 Super Cars. Body may be lowered on the chassis. Sedan body shells may be substituted with ute body, but must run a Scalextric V8 chassis and box standard running gear.

Some examples of eligible models:
Holden VX Commodore onwards and Ford AU Falcon onwards.

Group 5 Thunder Cars

Open to any pre ’83 Thunder car from an approved manufacturer.

Some examples of eligible models:
Zakspeed Ford Capri, BMW CSL/320i, Opel Commodore, Lancia Beta, Greenwood Wide-body Corvette, Toyota Celica LB, Porsche 935, Zakspeed Ford Escort, BMW 3.0, BMW M1 (no navigator) and Ferrari 512BB.

Ninco Classic Touring

Open to Ninco DTM Touring Cars that were manufactured with an NC1 motor.

Some examples of eligible models:
Audi A4, Alfa Romeo 155, Opel Calibra and AMG Mercedes C Class.

N.Y. Modifieds

Open to any scratch built N.Y. Modifieds. NC5 motor or equivalent, 1/8 rear axle with foam rears and a gear ratio of 31/9 . Front axle can be 3/32 with Urethane or Foam tyres.

Home Built

Open to home built models on either a scratch built, plastic adjustable or kit bashed (as it were from another model) chassis (no metal chassis or Womps). Scalextric or equivilent running gear, in-line 18k mabuchi motor, 27/9 gear ratio and open guide blade. With a lexan body (no 2½" body shells).

Eligible models:
Open to any enclosed wheel lexan body.