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Race Format

Generally drivers must be ready to start their heats when called and should be considerate to the other racers by limiting the number of warm up laps they complete.

Racing will be timed for two minutes (or to an agreed time by members on the night of racing) and drivers must complete as many laps as possible within that time.

Each heat is deemed to be complete when:

  1. the lap timing mechanism reaches the end of the specified time; and
  2. drivers complete the lap they are on when the specified time is reached. (Drivers who do not finish the heat one minute after the specified time will record a DNF against that heat).

Once the race has commenced by initiating the start sequence on the timing device, the race will start. The race will not be restarted due to driver error, hand control, or car failures.

Should any driver encounter difficulty with their car during the race, they are allowed to make repairs required to finish the heat, subject to the constraints noted elsewhere within these rules.

Race Results

For each heat of each racing class, the elapsed time and number of laps completed will be recorded and added. The driver who has completed the greatest number of laps in the shortest overall time will be declared the winner for that class.


Points will be awarded as per the following table. Points will only be awarded to current approved members of the Canberra Slotcar Club (CSC).

Place Points Place Points
1 20 9 7
2 17 10 6
3 15 11 5
4 13 12 4
5 11 13 3
6 10 14 2
7 9 15 1
8 8    

End of Year Results

The points awarded at each meeting will be added together on a class-by-class basis. Each driver’s scores will be added and a champion will be determined for each class at the completion of the racing year.


The track owner shall be the sole arbitrator of any disputes related to timing. Disputes may be flagged during race proceedings but racing shall not stop until the race is completed or the track owner agrees to stop/restart the race.