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Controller Wiring Diagram

(for positively wired tracks)

Wiring Diagram for Sockets

(for positively wired tracks)

Dynamic Braking

What causes the car to continue to roll when the power is shut off is that the motor becomes a generator, and tries to run itself, this is called Electromotive Force (emf) a term used to characterise electrical devices, such an electric motor, if an electric charge passes through that device, and gains energy.

Dynamic braking, is a short across the leads to the motor. The rolling cars wheels turn the motor armature, the motor will then, in affect act as generator. For a given direction of travel, current flow through the motor armatures during braking will be opposite to that during motoring. Therefore, the motor exerts torque in a direction that is opposite from the rolling direction of the car. Braking effort is proportional to the product of the magnetic strength of the windings.