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Next Race Meeting:

26th April - TBA

29th March - Bruce 'Twisted Mountain Raceway'

1st March - Chris 'Tuggerdega Speedway'

1st February - Rick 'BJ's Speedway'


New Classes decided for 2019


The AGM and final race of the year was held again and boy does that seem like it came around a lot faster this year. Unexpectedly, we had a bit to discuss regarding classes we might like to shelve for the 2019 racing season and those new classes that we would like for next year. It was a tuff decision as the current 2018 line-up had something for everyone.

Although there were a lot of discussion in the end we stuck with 3 groups of 6 classes and shelved only 3 of the classes in total.

Listed below are the changes to classes for 2019.

Classes dropped from the 2018 line-up

  1. Modern Rally, it was decided that we have run modern rally for quite a few years now and the decision to shelve the class for 2019 was made;
  2. Modern NASCARS, similarly Modern NASCAR has been given a break as it has run non-stop for several years now too; and
  3. SCX/Carrera DTM, although a popular class it was decided to give this class a break for the 2019 season.

New classes for 2019

  1. FJ's;
  2. Group A Super Tourers; and
  3. Home Built.

Both the FJs and Home Built classes will be lexan bodies on either a scratch built chassis (no metal chassis), plastic adjustable chassis or kit bashed (as it were) from another model. Basically Scalextric running gear, 18k motor in line, 27/9 gear ratio and open guide blade.

While the Group A Super Tourers are open to any Group A Super Touring car, from 1982 - 2000 era.

We have jugled the classes around a little as a couple of the classes are similar and clashed with each other. So the line-up for 2019 is as follows:

Group A
Classic F1, Classic Le Mans, Classic Touring Cars, Classic Sports, Classic Rally, and Group A Super Tourers

Group B
G.P. Hero's, Slot.it Group C, Scalex Super Tourers Modern Le Mans, Scalextric BTCC and FJs

Group C
Classic NASCAR, V8/Utes, Group 5 Thunder Cars, Ninco Classic Tourers, N.Y. Modifieds and Home Built

Well that wraps up the AGM for another year! See you in the New Year.


Classes for 2018


The AGM and final race of the year was held.

Listed below are the classes for 2018.

Group A
Modern Le Mans, Scalextric Super Tourers (Ford Mondeos, Renault Laguna etc.), Classic F1, Pre '65 Classic Sports, Classic Le Mans and Modern Rally

Group B
G.P. Hero's (front engine GP/Indy cars), Slot.it Group C, Group 5 Thundercars, Modern Scalex British Touring Cars, Classic Rally and Classic Touring Cars (pre 1979)

Group C
Classic NASCAR, NASCAR, N.Y. Modifieds, SCX/Carrera DTM, Classic Ninco Touring Cars and Scalextric V8's.


New Classes decided for 2016


The AGM and final race of the year was again held at my place. There was a lot of discusion over what we will race in 2016 however, the majority of members agreed to cary most classes from 2015 for another year.

Listed below are the changes to classes for 2016.

Classes dropped for 2016

  • Classic Bathurst (this classes was dropped as most cars can run in the Muscle Car Masters
  • Scratch built have been dropped for 2016, however members are more than welcome to bring them along to any meeting and if time permits a 7th class can be run on the night. Rules for this class are open.

New classes for 2016

  • Thundercars (no scaleauto or sideways), motor limited to 18k (including H&R Hawk motor).
  • Group 5 - Scaleauto and Sidways

So the new line up for 2016 looks like this:

Group A
Classic F1, Classic Sports, Classic Le Mans, Modern Le Mans, Super Tourers and Caterhams

Group B
Classic Rally, V8/Utes, 2 Litre Tourers, G.P. Hero's, Carrera DTM/LT and Thundercars

Group C
Muscle Car Tourers, Classic NASCAR, NASCAR, Ninco Classic Tourers, N.Y. modifieds and Scaleauto Group 5

Hope you all have a great year ahead, regards Rick.


New Web Hosting Service for 2015


After quite a few years, our current arrangement for web hosting has come to an end. Subsequently, the group has agreed to pay for a web hosting service to continue the website at the last Scalextric ACT race meeting on 19 June 2015.

I can now report that both the CSC and Scalectric ACT websites are now on the new host server.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Richard (owner of Dualstream) for his support over the years.

Regards Rick.


New Classes decided for 2015


The AGM was held at the last meeting of the year and was hosted by Rick this year. Again, the AGM was short and sweet and we all agreed on the following changes to the line up for 2015.

In bringing some new classes in we had to forgo a few favorites such as trucks but we had made a decision to give them a rest for the year with the view to bring them back in 2016, these are the new classes for 2015.

  • Carrera G.T. / DTM
  • G.P. Hero's (Front engine F1 / Indy cars, re-motored with NC-1 type of motor)
  • Ninco Classic Touring cars (the original Nincos: Alfa Romeo, Opel Calibra, Mercedes, NC-1 powered).
  • Classic Bathurst (Toranas, Falcons, Cortinas, Minis. Can be re-motored with a slower motor if desired).
  • N.Y. modifieds: for the ovals.

We also decided to increase the classes in all groups from 5 to 6 classes, so the new line up for 2015 looks like this:

Group A
Classic F1, Classic Sports, Classic Le Mans, Modern Le Mans, Super Tourers and super 7.

Group B
Classic Rally, V8/Utes, 2 Litre Tourers, Muscle Car Tourers, G.P. Hero's and Classic Bathurst.

Group C
Classic NASCAR, NASCAR, Ninco Classic Tourers, 1:32 Scratchbuilt 1:24 Scratchbuilt (Formally modifieds) and N.Y. modifieds.


New Classes decided for 2014


The AGM was held at the last meeting of the year and kindly hosted by Steve. The AGM was done and dusted within 30 minutes and we agreed on the following:

To increase the classes in each group from 5 to 6 classes, new classes for 2014 are:

Group A
Classic F1, Classic Sports, Classic Le Mans, SCX Touring, Super Tourers and super 7

Group B
Le Mans, Group 5, V8/Utes, 2 Litre Tourers, Muscle Car Tourers and Classic Rally

Group C
Work shopping, Modified, Trucks, 1:24 Hot Rods, Nascar and Classic NASCAR


New CSC website features


A couple of new sections have recently been introduced to the website that include How to and Tech tip articles.

If anyone would like to contribute to these pages you are more than welcome, please submit your articles to me via email at: webmaster@slotsofcars.com

Go to both our How to and Tech tip pages to find out more.


A New Website for Scalextric ACT


A new website has been launched for Scalextric ACT. On the website you will find all the latest newsletters for 2013, Rules and Classes for this year

For more go to the Scalextric ACT website.


New classes for Group C


We will be introducing 3 new classes for Group C to race on 21 June.  Go to our Group C page to find out more.


The inaugural CSC race meeting!


The inaugural race meeting of the Canberra Slotcar Club will be run on Friday 26 April.


Pre-inaugural race meeting


Join us for for a pre-race meeting where we can do any fine tuning to both, cars and the rules that are required prior to the clubs official kick off on 26 April. We will be sending you telepathically more details soon!


The Draft rules are here


Please follow the links bellow to read the draft rules. You can also print these rules using the print button in the right hand menu from any of the pages.

Group A
Group B


A new club is born in 2013!


After several months of toing and froing a small group of guys have decided to start up what will hopefully be Canberra's third home race track club.