Scalextric ACT


While there was plenty of informal racing in 1992 and 1993, it was not until 1994 that a bunch of Canberra enthusiasts completed the first full pointscore season of Scalextric ACT, with 8 classes of racing. The number of classes has increased and decreased over the years, settling on 12 racing classes in recent times. For 2019 we have broken with tradition and created a new group (Group C) and now racing 14 classes to the racing calander.

Preface 2019

At the 2015 AGM, the rules of the Scalextric ACT club were heavily modified to be more simplistic and designed to provide for fair and competitive racing for its members. Members are expected to apply a common-sense approach to interpreting and applying of the rules and at all times to act within the spirit of the club. If in doubt as to whether the rules cover a particular issue, ask one of the other members for advice.